Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regulus?

Regulus is a membership-based concierge company that brings its valuable members unique opportunities to enjoy a culture-based networking system in a positive social community. In addition, Regulus provides extraordinary lifestyle opportunities to its members via private access to a variety of top-tier services at restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, hotels, and airports. Members can socialize and network at our weekly events, which include cocktail parties, private dining, art openings, fashion runways, and other special events; plus, they can always interact online through our members’ app.

What benefits do Regulus members receive?

Regulus OFFERS MEMBERS UNPARALLELED ACCESS TO EXPERIENCES LIMITED ONLY BY THEIR IMAGINATION Regulus partners with the best restaurants and nightlife venues in NYC (more cities coming soon) to offer our members exclusive experiential perks every time they go.  Member Events – We host multiple events in NYC each month (more cities coming soon). The majority of our events is free for members. Regulus provides a cultural-based networking opportunity to network and meet the other members of our community. Events include complimentary dinners and tastings, private gallery viewings, salon discussions, rooftop soirees, private press boxes for sporting events and many more.

How do I become a member?

Submit an application on our homepage. After your application is reviewed, we will either offer you membership or reach out to learn more about you. If you are accepted, you will be notified via email and receive all of the necessary information to get started with your membership!

What is the Regulus Concierge capable of?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our concierge Services are designed so that everything is catered to our Members’ preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements. From last-minute restaurant reservations and bespoke travel itineraries to opera and theater tickets, we are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

What is the Regulus Card?

Each Regulus member carries a distinctive black metal card that is first and foremost a membership card, but can become a payment tool if linked to an existing credit or debit card. Members receive their personalized Regulus Package at the address listed on their account. Upon receipt, you can immediately use the card at all partner locations. If you wish to link the card with an existing credit or debit card simply schedule an appointment with our concierge.

What is the cost to become a member?

Membership is currently $1,500/year. Members receive unlimited access to all benefits & savings at our thousands of partner locations as well as exclusive access to member events.

If I link with a credit card do I still get my current points?

Yes. Once you’ve linked your Regulus card with an existing credit or debit card, every swipe of the Regulus card is exactly like using the card it is linked with. You keep all your existing points and rewards and now have access to all the rewards you receive as a Regulus member as well.

Is linking the Regulus card secure?

Absolutely. In fact, linking the Regulus card is safer than a normal credit card as your full number is not printed on the card. If lost of stolen no one can use it for online transactions. However, in the event of a lost or stolen Regulus card, we still recommend that you cancel the card it was tied to. Additionally, linking the card is completely optional. Many members opt to use it simply as proof of membership.

How do members redeem their benefits?

Local benefits such as dining, nightlife & event access can be redeemed via members’ Regulus Card. Some venues will require reservations, so be sure to check the details before use. All travel, entertainment, lifestyle & activity benefits can be redeemed via the site and our concierge. Each partner will have individual instructions for redemption. All benefits can be redeemed via our mobile app and website.

Once accepted, how long will it take to receive my card?

All cards are personalized and as such, can take anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks for the card to be produced. You have immediate access, upon acceptance, to all the partner benefits and member events through the members-only website and mobile applications.

How Regulus Limousine works?

Whether for airport transportation, a leisurely drive around town or to attend a special event, allow us to provide arrangements for your Bentley experience. With this exclusive partnership, Regulus is pleased to provide its members with an unparalleled opportunity to discover extraordinary destinations in the sophisticated settings and exquisite craftsmanship they have come to expect from these world-class brands. The Bentley House Car is available on a first-come, first-served basis for complimentary drop-offs within a 10-block radius of members’ pickup location A member may also reserve the car for private usage; fees apply and advance reservations are required. To book Bentley Fleet services, please contact our Concierge.